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The Danish Girls’ Choir of Fredensborg Chapel

Since 1858, church singers have been on the salary list of most Danish churches.

The Chapel of Fredensborg has a long tradition having a girls’ choir, which has been connected to The Castle of Fredensborg where Her Majesty the Queen of Denmark has her residence for longer periods over the calender year.

The Castle of Fredensborg  


It is with great pride that our choir members sing at the Sunday morning  services of the Chapel of Fredensborg, which is open to the public.

The Girls’ Choir also gives concerts at bigger private events of the Royal Family. The last royal performance was at His Highness Prince Felix's confirmation.

Her Royal Highness Princess Benedikte is the benefactor of the choir.

   With Her Royal Highness Princess Benedikte


The Danish Girls’ Choir of Fredensborg Chapel consists of 20 experienced choir singers aged 13 – 20, who all have at least 6 years of choir training and performance experience.

The choir has evolved into one of Denmark’s best church choirs with a very active concert life with many public and private performances on the schedule each year.

Some of our most spectacular recent concerts have been in the Elsingore Cathedral, at an open-air concert in Tivoli and at the Castle of Hvidøre.

Performance at the Castle of Hvidøre   


Since 2015 Cille Buch has been the music director and conductor of the choir. She was trained at The Royal Danish Music Conservatory as a singer and vocalist with further education in the field of choir management.

Besides her job with The Danish Girls’ Choir of Fredensborg Chapel she works with the development of young voices through workshops and seminars in Denmark.

Cille Buch is also a very active opera singer and actress in several settings every year.
   Conductor Cille Buch


Amazing voices, happy minds, clever girls with healthy interests. Young persons who care about others, have strong values and love singing in the church, where the important marks of a persons life take place!

The team behind this girls’ choir is proud and more than happy to share more information on request. Please contact:

Musical director, Cille Buch,

Public Relations: Jane Dalsgaard,

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In English: Danish Girls’ Choir of Fredensborg Chapel
In Danish: Fredensborg Slotskirkes Pigekor

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